What is your favorite machine of the year?

AI, robots, hydraulic machinery: Machines are everywhere! If you are unsure whether a device is a machine or not, it certainly is. You can also read the definition here. You can nominate machines for the following five categories (and they should not be older than three years). Please upload your suggestions via this form.

INNOVATION: The prize for ingenious inventions, the award for truly creative, innovative and novel machines.

VALUES: This category is about values and attitude. This award goes to achievements in the areas of ethics, climate protection and diversity.

ART: In this category we award especially artistic machines.

HUMAN-MACHINE: Some machines need humans in order to achieve what they are capable of. Which machine convinces through its congenial cooperation with people?

FUN: Fun is back. The category for wild and crazy machines that are above all fun.

And here are the nominees so far: