The computing speed of machines doubles every two years. In 2050, an ordinary computer will be a million times more powerful than it is today. But will these machines also be able to act intentionally? Or are they already?

This is the ode to the inventiveness of the world! Simple and grand mechanisms – powered by wind, water, steam, electricity – shaped and continue shaping the life on the planet. Did the first programmable machine dream of the algorithmic revolution and universal use of computers? And what are all these new magical, impressive, scary and silly machines that are entering our everyday lives up to? Let’s invite them all to one place and find out!

It’s time to pay tribute to the protagonists of the post-modern age! The Magic Machine Award (MAMAA) is the world’s first prize just for machines. It is about particularly innovative and artistic machines. But it is also about ethics, values and diversity and of course human-machine interactions. And FUN! In the annual award show with a traveling exhibition, we offer a wide range of questions, lively debates, an international jury, and a global network of machine enthusiasts.

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This award is brought to you by Rosy DX, a studio for digitality and machines lovers, in cooperation with C. Rockefeller Center, Netzwerk Medien Kunst and Technische Sammlungen Dresden.

We will continue to make this award until time travel machines are invented. And then we will invite everybody to go back and crash the first MAMAA gala show in 2021!